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Proxy Protocol (IP forwarding)

Proxy Protocol is a standardized protocol, which allows your backend server to receive the real IP addresses of your users.


Disabling Proxy Protocol can cause many problems with your backend server, e.g., IP banning.

That's why you should always enable Proxy Protocol.

Once you enabled Proxy Protocol all connections must be proxied through our service and normal (direct) connections won't work anymore.

How to enable proxy protocol correctly

  1. Visit the Backends section on our Panel.
  2. Enable "Proxy Protocol"
  3. Configure your backend server (see below)
  4. Restart your server to apply the config changes

BungeeCord / Waterfall

Open config.yml and set:

proxy_protocol: true


Open velocity.toml and set:

haproxy-protocol = true

Paper 1.19+

Only enable it if you are not running a proxy like BungeeCord/Velocity in front of your server.

Since version 1.19 Paper supports Proxy Protocol natively and doesn't require any plugin.

Just open config/paper-global.yml and set:

proxy-protocol: true


Open config.yml and set:

enable-proxy-protocol: true
use-proxy-protocol: true

Don't hesitate to contact our Support if you have further questions.