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Anti Bot

We've implemented an anti-bot system to help protect your server from potential mass-bot-joins. This system involves three main functions: it checks the source of incoming traffic, identifies ongoing attacks, and verifies legitimate connections. Access to this system is available through our premium plan, and for an additional layer of security, you can consider the AntiVPN feature, which becomes available starting with the Neo plan.

Our bot detection system employs sophisticated algorithms designed to adapt and detect various forms of bot activity as they evolve. It continuously monitors factors like player behavior, packet patterns, and IP addresses to identify and take action against bots in real-time.

What sets our system apart is that it operates at the edge, eliminating the need for extra software or plugins on your server.

One notable advantage of our bot detection system is that it aims to minimize interference with the player experience. Legitimate players can continue enjoying the game without significant interruptions, while bots are promptly identified and prevented from accessing the game.

We understand that every game has its unique characteristics, so we offer a customizable solution. Our user-friendly Panel allows you to configure which checks are active, adjust sensitivity levels, and access detailed reports on bot activity.

By utilizing our bot detection system, you can enhance the security of your game against various bot threats, offering your players a more fair and secure gaming environment.