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Layer 4 Protection

We do protect our users against all kinds of Layer 4 attacks. This protection sits at the first layer of our protection system and is capable of filtering up to 30 Tbit/s of dirty traffic. You are able to get more detailed information here: How the protection works

When the attack is global, the mitigation services, replicated in eight OVH data centers across three continents, activate simultaneously to combine their power and absorb the traffic.

Common blocked L3/L4 attacks

  • UDP floods of any kind
  • TCP SYN ACK Reflection Floods
  • ICMP Echo Request Floods
  • IP Packet Fragment Attacks
  • IGMP Floods
  • TCP SYN Floods
  • TCP Spoofed SYN Floods
  • TCP ACK Floods
  • TCP Fragmented Attacks