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Anti Bot

Our bot detection system utilizes advanced algorithms that constantly evolve to detect new types of bot activity, ensuring the highest level of protection for our customers. The system monitors a variety of metrics, including player behavior, packet patterns, and IP addresses, to accurately identify and block bots in real-time.

The checks are conducted on our edge, which eliminates the need for additional software or plugins on your server.

One of the key benefits of our bot detection system is that it doesn't interfere with the player experience. Legitimate players can continue to play the game without any interruptions, while bots are swiftly detected and blocked from accessing the game.

We understand that every game is unique, which is why we offer a customizable solution that can be tailored to your specific needs. Our easy-to-use Panel allows you to select which checks are enabled, adjust sensitivity levels, and view detailed reports on bot activity.

With our bot detection system, you can rest assured that your game is protected against both standard and advanced bot attacks, allowing your players to enjoy a fair and secure gaming experience.